Fringe Factory Review #5

Sound & Fury’s “Vaganza!”


One word:  Hillarious!!

If you’re looking for non-stop laughter, this is the one to see.  The actors had the crowd warmed up with some pre-play interaction and it was a laugh-a-minute from then on.

The play, Vaganza, is a spoof on 1940’s or early 50’s film noir detective stories.  Each actor skillfully plays a set of ridiculously stereotypical characters.  The dialogue is just as zany, with a good level of audience interaction.  Their play on words is astute and when it’s not, it’s meant not to be.

There were times during the play when I couldn’t tell if they were ad-libbing or if it was pre-scripted.  I talked it over with my friend afterwards and we both agreed that the entire content of the play must have been pre-scripted, but it was so well rehearsed that it looked ad-libbed at some points.  It was just that good.

Many of the jokes are somewhat crude and overtly sexual in nature, so if that type of thing offends you, steer clear.  Otherwise, this is definitely one worth seeing if you’re wanting a great laugh.

Highly recommended!

Here’s my rating:

502px-Factory_svg502px-Factory_svg502px-Factory_svg502px-Factory_svgfactory half  4.5 / 5 factories


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