Fringe Factory Review #4

52 Pick Up


I had a feeling 52 Pick Up would be good considering it was co-directed by TJ Dawe & Rita Bozi.  At last year’s Fringe, TJ Dawe wrote, directed and/or starred in literally too many plays to list… and most of the ones I saw were quite good.

The play chronicals the relationship between two lovers, played by Gemma Wilcox and Sam Elmore.  But this is no ordinary, tired, linear romance story.  No, the play begins with the characters emerging on stage and throwing a deck of cards up into the air.  They then proceed to pick up a card, call it out (e.g. five of hearts), and then they announce the name of the scene.  You see, each card corresponds to a scene.  And each scene gives you a snippet into their relationship.  Slowly, as they pick up cards, the audience gets to see the full picture of their love life.

Not only did Wilcox and Elmore never miss a beat… a feat considering neither knew what scene was coming up next!  But their chemistry on-stage drew the audience into each scene.  While some scenes appeared to be better thought out than others (I guess it’s hard being original for a who 52 snippets), the way the story was revealed to the audience was a delight to watch.

This one is definitely worth the walk to the Forks venue!

Here’s my rating:

502px-Factory_svg502px-Factory_svg502px-Factory_svg502px-Factory_svgfactory half  4.5 / 5 factories


One response to “Fringe Factory Review #4

  1. Fringe seems to be a is good TV series. It a bit similar to Torchwood and X Files. I just hope that it will not be spoiled.

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