Fringe Factory Review #2

Are You Priest Enough?


The premise for Are You Priest Enough? sounded promising enough:  “SEX, LUST, POWER.  And a hot Nun?”  The picture featured on the write-up (and above) also evoked a goodly (godly?) sense of comedy.  However, the actual play fell somewhat short of expectations.

The story – an individual who is working his way through the Seminary to become a Priest – is a good one.  The actor, Bob Legare, manages to incorporate many typical and stereotypical Catholic ideas and ideals throughout his telling of the tale.  The story is really an introspection of what the character confronts in his own mind during is call to the Seminary, his time spent in the Seminary and ultimately his call to Priesthood.  Legare manages to have fun with some of the Catholic dogma, but does so in a fairly respectful way.  In order to fully enjoy this play, you don’t have to be Catholic, but a rudimentary understanding of Catholicism would be helpful.

The story is spiced up with Legare breaking out into song throughout the performance.  His singing is mediocre, at best, but the campiness of it seems to fit with the overall story… so I guess it works.  Legare’s acting is also on the same level.  There were several times during the play where it felt like he was needlessly restraining himself.  A bit more exaggeration in his presentation would have gone a long way.

If you’re looking for a somewhat humourous, somewhat insightful play about the trials and tribulations of going through the Catholic Seminary, then this play is for you.  If not… (you know the rest).

Here’s my rating:

502px-Factory_svg502px-Factory_svg502px-Factory_svg  3 / 5 factories


4 responses to “Fringe Factory Review #2

  1. Why did Fringe management put the always sold-out “Wanderlust” in such a small venue with only 100 seats; compared to venue #10- which seats 230; or the MTC Warehouse with 286 seats??
    And since this blog is promoted on Mark Taylor’s Green Party aggregate…it is a pity that the Green Party ,be it Provincial, municipal or Federal is not taking advantage of its office location this year.
    #2. Do you think that Winnipeg selling it water
    rights is a Green Party Issue?? The final City Council vote will happen this Wednesday July 22nd,2009 at 9 am.

  2. @O:

    I’m the regular poster on the blog, but Rob takes it over every year for Fringe reviews. Since I disappear into the Fringe every year, its best to let Rob manage the Blog.

    For the office location of GPM, it’s a shame that there isn’t any presence at the Fringe. We need to work on that for next year.

    As for water, I can’t speak for policy of the GPC on this, but my own opinion is that this debate is being rushed at the last minute in the middle of summer in the hopes of privatizing water without public debate. The sudden stron negative response to the idea shows me that the proponents of the change understood very well that they would have to introduce the change without proper public consultations or public approval. This kind of action does not speak well about the way our elected officials view democracy.

    And the final vote still has not happened (2:50pm) because of the crowds that came to oppose it and the large amount of speakers working against the idea. I hope that the pressure will pay off.

  3. Thanks for stopping by O.

    Regarding your first question, I’m not sure how Fringe management determines who gets what venue. I’ve often wondered that myself. I guess it’s difficult to determine what will be popular, though… but I agree there are some performances you know will likely sell out consistently.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Greatly

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