Uniter We Stand

I was at the Fyxx today and picked up The Uniter, the U of W students’ newspaper. (paper copy here) Wow. The difference in quality between this paper and The Manitoban was striking. Cudos to the U of W for an excellent paper.

The Manitoban leaves so much to be desired. Here’s hoping that a change of Editor and the shock of losing two funding referenda will help push the Manitoban to self-reflection and a new vision. They could learn a lot from the Uniter, with strong writing, good research and positive vision. Instead of running a series on “What Wrong With Downtown Winnipeg?” while showing photos of the worst it has to offer – the Uniter looks towards the positive and to planning for a better downtown. Sure, it shares history of failed projects, but generally tends to be future looking and positive about the possibilities. Contrast this with the Manitoban’s series “What’s Wrong With Our University?” which focussed on the negative, showed photos of the worst of campus, and degraded every positive effort and the difference is incredible. It’s embarassing to read The Manitoban every week.

Obviously, I was biased by the fact that this is the Annual Urban Issue and had article after article after op-ed after op-ed on downtown Winnipeg, density, urban planning, and all the rest. Still, great work being done there. Conrats Uniter editors, writers, and volunteers!


6 responses to “Uniter We Stand

  1. “The difference in quality between this paper and The Manitoban was striking. ”

    You nailed it…The Manitoban is a sad excuse of a newspaper. Never mind how they fail to enlighten with the positive side of things on urban issues, downtown and the university itself, but they do it for every issue.

    It just comes down to poor writing. I find in most cases, articles are written with a complete lack of understanding on the issue.

  2. Graham: complete lack of understanding on the issue.

    The articles on Senate and UMSU meetings have been horrendous as well, Graham. They seem to make a dozen major factual errors per meeting – and sometimes they are so eggregiously incorrect as to make me wonder if the authors are literate.

  3. Thanks for the analysis. I always enjoy reading student newspapers and while I haven’t really acquainted myself with either the Uniter or the Manitoba yet, I’m looking forward to checking them out.

  4. I wouldn’t know about the UMSU meetings, but holy crap were their election articles last fall about as pathetic and as you can get.

  5. Emma, please don’t fall into the student newspaper trap! They are only a very limited view of what Winnipeg can offer, and they somehow enjoy an outsized reputation for they actually contribute to the overall fabric….they tend to be elitist and self-serving, I find, and don’t offer a wide persepctive on issues at all….

  6. Oh, Chris…the reputations that the student newpapers enjoy reflects the fact that a huge chunk of the population once went to those schools and still follow what goes on.

    Elitist and self-serving? Meh. I just don’t see it. I too have been elitist and self-serving from time to time, so I shouldn’t talk. Let he who is free of self-serving behaviour cast the first stone!

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