Love in the time of flooding

Just handed out permission forms to my high school class so that they can sandbag. It’s bringing back memories of 1997, when I was in grade 11 at College Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau in exotic Transcona. Filling sandbags at the arena was when I started going out with a new girlfriend who just happens to now be my wife.

Ah, memories of floods. How very Manitoban.


6 responses to “Love in the time of flooding

  1. I hear it is getting pretty bad out there. I hope that everyone is really well prepared.

  2. Winnipeg seems better prepared than in 1997. But, the unexpected keeps happening. The ice jams to the north of the city have been sudden and severe. Fargo is about to crest higher than 97. Surface flooding is causing local problems here and there. There was an enormous snow storm yesterday and today and there may be another Colorado Low on the way. This could get a lot worse. We’ll see.

  3. The weather office is saying sunny for the next 6 days with gradual warming. Let’s hope they know what they’re talking about.

  4. *New* memories of floods, how very Manitoban. I drove out the the floodway yesterday just to see what it’s all about. That’s right. I drove out to see the biggest man-made ditch in the province…and I was impressed.

  5. @Aaron,

    Glad to see you visited the Floodway. I grew up down the street from it and used to mountain bike in their growing up. At the time, I really wasn’t that impressed with it as some incredible building project. I just took it for granted that people could build these kind of things.

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