Election Results 1

btd-logo-with-vote-todayThe CRO has posted the unofficial results for the UMSU Executive election. Our team, Be The Difference (BTD), soundly defeated the competitors, Campus Change (CC). Here are the numbers:

President 3403 689
VP External 3284 785
VP Advocacy 3361 685
VP External 3296 778
VP Student Services 3265 801

Or, ignoring the spoiled ballots (which were high because many grad students try to vote and are given an envelope ballot when poll workers can’t find their student numbers, only to fill it in, put it in the box and have it rejected at the time of counting…), here are the numbers as a percent:

President 83.2% 16.8%
VP External 80.7% 19.3%
VP Advocacy 83.1% 16.9%
VP External 80.9% 19.1%
VP Student Services 80.3% 19.7%

That’s an absolute, total victory. In terms of campus locations, we also cleaned up. Here are the results by ballot box for Sid:


And, the sum of all votes per team by poll location:

Agriculture 277 75 78.7% 21.3%
Banatyne 267 67 79.9% 20.1%
Drake 1360 232 85.4% 14.6%
Fletcher Argue 2820 682 80.5% 19.5%
Frank Kennedy 1153 262 81.5% 18.5%
P Hall 1349 167 89.0% 11.0%
Science 2407 645 78.9% 21.1%
U Centre 6063 1326 82.1% 17.9%
U College 908 282 76.3% 23.7%
Total 16604 3738 81.6% 18.4%


As for turnout, the numbers are up significantly. There was a 7.4% turnout in 2007, and a 9.71% turnout last year. This year, we estimate turnout at 19.5%! That is more than double last year. What the high percent for us means and the high turnout is that 15.5% eligible UMSU voters voted for Sid Rashid. Now, some may say that this is low, and I agree. However, these numbers are at least the highest level of active support on the U of M campus for a President in 13 years. I’ve asked UMSU for election archives so that I can check just how historic a win this is.  And, for the astute readers, they will recall that I once posted that only 22.22% of elligible voters in Canada voted for the current government. That means that the level of support among the student population for the student union executive is comparable (though far from equal) to the level of support among Candians for our government! What does that say about our new executive? What does that say about our federal government?

Finally, in terms of the size of the vote total, Sid Rashid received more votes than seven MLAs in 2007! That includes 1 former and 2 current cabinet ministers and the speaker of the Legislative Assembly. Compare that then to last year’s UMSU vote: the total votes cast (for three candidates) were less than the total votes received by the least voted-for MLA (Jennissen – 2262 votes).

So, the numbers say one thing: this was a massive, across the board, historic victory for Sid Rashid, Alanna Makinson, Jonty Chandrasena, Mitch Tripple, and Heather Laube. But, they don’t tell the story of the election nor the story of both teams’ strategies, which I will review next time…


13 responses to “Election Results 1

  1. If you still have election fever, I know a place to come hang out. 🙂

  2. Hi Regan,

    Thanks for the invitation. I do love a good election, but I think that my wife would castrate me if I signed up for a third election in 6 months.

    I will loudly bask in the glory of these numbers, even as Curtis makes fun. He forgets that past UMSU presidents include cabinet minister Stephen Fletcher and former Mayor Bill Norrie. On top of that, we generated the energy and votes (doubling turnout all on our own) with a total team budget limit of $1500, no pre-campaigning allowed, and only 8 days of campaigning! The one byelection in Elmwood gets a budget limit of at least $74,000, months of media coverage for Bill Blaikie, dozens of established and experienced NDP volunteers, and 35 days of campaigning. How many more votes will Bill generate for that kind of money and resources?

    Anyway, good luck. I spoke with your Green Party opponent the other day and I have to say that its wonderful for Elmwood to have three good candidates from which to choose. Maybe I’ll even blog about the by-election candidates…

  3. It is pretty impressive how much you’ve accomplished in those two elections you worked on. Have you started to price out your campaign consultant fees?

    Three good candidates… so is that Mr. Blaikie or the PC candidate who isn’t getting the Don Street thumbs up?

  4. @Regan: You can’t be serious. The PC candidate versus Bill Blaikie? Have you read the PC candidate’s bio? The guy dropped out of high-school and has been making sandwiches at Subway since. His “successful entrepreneurial ventures” are two “consulting” firms started up within the last 8 months. Blaikie was the Dean of the House and deputy speaker, nearly leader of a federal party, and a well-respected MP for 29 years.

    Blaikie fits my category of “good candidate”. There’s not an endorsement in site, btw. (Like Blaikie cares about the Don Street Blog endorsement!!!) Its just an acknowledgement that the three candidates I’ve met are very interesting, smart, good people who would do well for Elmwood.

  5. And my campaign consultant fees are currently set at a free coffee or two and a couch to sleep on in the election headquarters. I’m considering upping the fee to include fridge priveledges.

  6. Congratulations to you and your team on achieving a remarkable turnout rate. As President of the MPA & MA (Politics) students association, I know first hand about how difficult it is to get students engaged in activities, let alone elections!

  7. @Rob: Yeah, those politics students just are not interested in elections. Politics and elections have nothing in common. Nadda.

  8. Strangly enough, there’s a general disinterest in student council elections. When it comes to a “real” election, we’re all over that like a dirty rag. Go figure.

    I think the problem is most students just don’t see the benefit of being involved in these student associations, especially when compared to the work involved and busy schedules. I, of course, would argue that the benefits are many, but I’m just one person.

  9. Jeez if I ever run for anything you can not only have a fridge full of beer but the whole rec room.

  10. @Graham: Its a deal. I’m fairly thirsty right now, so you better get a cmpaign together in the next hour.

  11. It doesn’t matter how thirsty you are…I have over 20 litres of homebrew ready to go down whenever you are.

  12. “I have over 20 litres of homebrew ready to go down whenever you are.”

    That could be mis-interpreted, Graham.

    PS: How’s the election campaign you mentioned the other day going?

  13. Meh…unlike the federal election which happened right at the beginning of a school term, I’ve got quite a workload. So haven’t done much at all. And unfortunately the byelection will be done just around the time all my papers are due.

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