La Révolution Tranquille, vol. II

Hat Tip to Calgary Grit on this silly poll from the Strategic Council:

Greens 26%
Liberals 24%
Bloc 22%
CPC 17%
NDP 12%

Anyone else suspect that this poll is a one in a million outlier? Looks like Elizabeth May’s French language debate performance really was better than I’d thought. What’s everyone’s guess on the results for seats in Quebec? I’m going to say 40 Green, 20 Lib, 10 Bloc, 3 Con, and 1 NPD, and 1 independent. What?! You disagree? I have polling to back me up!


One response to “La Révolution Tranquille, vol. II

  1. I like how their latest poll comments on the drop in Green support, as though they believed that it was real, and not an anomaly.

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