Rush to Judgement

From Ipsos-Reid:

Six in ten (57%) Canadians think that the opposition parties should vote ‘for the Harper budget’ to avoid defeating the government, while three in ten (30%) believe the opposition parties should vote ‘against the Harper budget’. One in ten (13%) Canadians are unsure of what the opposition parties should do in this vote.

Wow. Only 13% of Canadians are willing to decide on the budget after they see it. The vast majority of the country has decided how to vote without seeing the actual document!

Faith. In. Democracy. Shaken.

UPDATE: Now that I think about it, that 13% probably includes those people who haven’t a clue. Let’s put the number at 1 in 100 who actually like to read things before voting on them.


5 responses to “Rush to Judgement

  1. Ultimately, whether or not the budget is defeated depends on whether or not Ignatieff feels he can gain from defeating the government now. I don’t believe for a second that he wants to take power at the moment, especially as the Conservatives basically caved to their demands. Eight months down the road, the Liberals will have built up some money, having replaced their leader with virtually no cost at all for a leadership race, and will be able to pin the deficit on the Conservatives. At that point, I would expect the Liberals to be able to gain about 130-140 seats and dispose of the Conservatives.

  2. Worse, 2 in 4 federal leaders have committed to voting against the budget without seeing it, even though one admitted that he agreed with most of what he thought would be in it!

  3. those two leaders who are voting against the budget without seeing it want to have Ignatieff make the decision to bring down the government…i.e. if Gilles and Jack are automatically opposed to the budget, then Michael carries the full burden of responsibility of whether or not an election is called. Can you imagine Jack Layton stating “Well, if it wasn’t for Ignatieff, we wouldn’t have this election anyway”. It’s a nice, cheap way of defelcting potential criticism…politics. the Bloq and the NDP (federal) both know about the poor finances and new leader of the Liberals who may now not want to bring down the government for those reasons.

    It’s not about the budget. It’s about positioning in case of a future election.

  4. Good points, all. Political positioning is central to all the decision making here. The Conservative faithful understand that most of all as they face a budget that in no way matches their ideology. 20 years of Reform-Conservative hard work and what did they get? How do these conservative backers feel now that they fought to keep their guys in power only to have them forget to dance as promised? How can the NDP vote against the budget before its released? How can Ignatieff really give a full accounting of the entire budget within 16 hours – and we all consider this to be a long period of reflection?


  5. Don’t forget….

    the conservative backers realize that dancing with a non-ideological budget may be bad, but losing power would be worse right now….

    the NDP will vote against the Conservative government every time they get because it makes the Liberals the tipping point against the government…i.e it’s purely strategical

    And, it’s not just Ignatieff doing the reading, you know, don’t make the mistake that the American public makes about their President; the President can’t possiblity know everything about his governement’s working, it’s just too big. It’s who’s working with the office of the top leaders who bear watching….

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