Coffee + Laptop = FUBAR

Posting has been light as of late as I begin my final round of classes and because my computer at home spilled itself onto a cup of coffee. Silly computer. Hopefully all will be up and running soon and I’ll try to reply to comments in the other posts.

In the meantime, the Wednesday Night Supper Club blog has been added to the blogosphere. My friends and I go out and try a new independent-ish local restaurant every second Wednesday and have been doing so for a year now. So, in order to make our group legitimate in the eyes of the world, we’ve created a constitution and a blog – the most necessary ingredients to being accepted in the beaurocratic 21st century world we find ourselves. Stop by periodically and say hi!

PS: Best restaurant visited so far – in my opinion – is Bistro Dansk on Maryland. Wow. Awesome food.


10 responses to “Coffee + Laptop = FUBAR

  1. Bistro Dansk is on Sherbrook, if I’m not mistaken, next to Cousin’s. I haven’t been but my friends mostly say good things.

    Any progress on the thirsty laptop front?

  2. Sherbrook is the correct street. I second the opinion: excellent restaurant, and not too expensive either.

  3. It is indeed on Sherbrook, not Maryland. Thanks for the corrections.

    The laptop has been succesfully turned on, but the CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, and FN (Japanese character function key) have all ceased to work as well as one of the USB ports. I have extras of all those, so all is well with the world, it seems.

  4. Thanks for linking to the Supper Club blog. I too agree that Bistro Dansk was great… we’ll have to get a review posted in the near future. And for the record, Bistro Dansk was my choice. So, you’re welcome 🙂

  5. Bistro Dansk is the site of one of the most underappreciated restaurants in Winnipeg…if you guys want another, try the Star Grill on Portage across from Assiniboine Park.

  6. Thanks for the tip, Chris!

  7. best ethiopian food in town, by far, is Merkato’s on Cumberland. No atmosphere. [nope, no ethiopian coffee thing either] But the best chicken tibs in the country. if your group likes ethiopian, and/or you haven’t been there, try it.

  8. I love ethiopian! Masawa on Osborne is a favorite of mine. We will definitely need to check Merkato out.

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  10. Excellent post over at the WNSC Mike. Hopefully we’ll get lots of good suggestions to keep us busy for many years to come.

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