Merry Christmas and Happy New Boundaries

Merry Christmas to all my readers. The first six months here at Donald Street have been good fun and I look forward to more in the new year.

I’ll just note that I’ve moved into the Electoral Division of Logan, a slight change from the original proposal of Wellington version 2.0.

Here’s what I wrote about the new Wellington this summer:

“Whereas Fort Rouge had a 63% turnout in 2007, Wellington candidates inspired 46.11% of their voters to show up. And, that was in the middle of a major headline generating Wellington controversy! The NDP not only fielded winner Flor Marcelino, but also managed to generate two (2!) independent candidates who ran against their own party! All the excitement drove people to the polls that year, with turnout up from 44.47% to 46.11%!!!

“Look at the maps for old Wellington and new Wellington. Is it me or has this constituency dramatically changed? I’m wondering if we can’t change it further and add the rest of Broadway-Assiniboine and the Exchange District and finally have an urban, Downtown jurisdiction?”

We’ve given away the space between McPhillips and Weston and shifted more of the Spence Neighborhood to Minto and now almost 100% of the Broadway-Assiniboine neighborhood finds itself in Logan (only Kennedy is out). So, what was said above holds: this new division is primed to be dominated by the soutern half apartment dwelling urbanites. Could be an interesting seat to watch next time.


One response to “Merry Christmas and Happy New Boundaries

  1. Looking at the numbers some more in the new Logan…

    This is definitely a new constituency. Jennifer Howard – I bet – will stay on the new Fort Rouge while Diane McGifford and Kerry Irving-Ross fight it out over their amagamated seat. To the North, Flor Marcelino may run in Tyndal Park and leave a battle of Lib and NDP incumbents in the new Maples. To the West, Wolseley and Minto have not changed much. Definitely a new riding and an open seat if that plays out this way.

    At the very least, more than half of Logan is downtown-dwelling urbanites who vote is far stronger numbers than the northern half of our new area. I would imagine that there are also many other demographic differences in the “The Two Logans”. This kind of seat could go many ways given the demographics. A strong downtown candidate could come in here and take this space.

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