New Link(s)

I’ve added Elmwood blogger, Kelvin Community Centre defender,  webmaster, and Elmwood Liberal Party cadidate Regan Wolfrom’s blog to the roll. Regan seems to have a lot of good points to make on local issues, including on the Plan Winnipeg II. Stop by and join the discussion.

AND, as I periodically ask here on Donald Street, please post below if you know of any other Winnipeg blog that I should add to the roll. I’m sure I’m missing a few good ones.

UPDATE: I’ve added blogger Jimmy Cotton‘ s to the roll. I’ve been remiss in not adding him while also reading what he has to say. Welcome to the roll, JC!


4 responses to “New Link(s)

  1. No love for your buddy in Sudbury. 😦

  2. Do you comment on Winnipeg, Evan?

  3. Haha, no, just Canadian politics issues mostly.

  4. Fine. You’ve been added to Winnipeg Blogs because you once lived here and because its bad enough that Sudbury doesn’t have an Ikea.

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