Opportunity Knocks

Despite the horrendous precedent-setting decision, we have an oppotunity here. Clearly, both Mr. Harper and Mr. Dion need to go. The parties have nearly two months to replace them with people who will seek compromise and work together. The best of all options is to see Harper go and give the Conservatives another shot at governing. However, the situation is so fluid that it is impossible to predict the next two months.

In the end, prorogue has given us a cooling off period. Let’s use that pause to really think about our future.


4 responses to “Opportunity Knocks

  1. And that precedent is very bad. Now, if a PM does not have the confidence of the House, she/he can continue to run the government simply by single-handedly shutting down Parliament.

    Think about that new rule for a moment. Parliament can be shut down at any moment on the whim of the Prime Minister. Now, it meets only when the PM says it does. Yet more power has been handed to the PM at the expense of Parliament. There was once a party from the West that wanted to reform the system so as to give more power to individual MPs and take away power from the office of the Prime Minister. Now, the Prime Minister has veto power on whether or not the House can pronounce on the PM’s government. Unbelievable.

  2. This isn’t a surprise, that is why some constitutional experts were saying she shouldn’t/couldn’t prorogue.

    See one of your previous post Comments for how it should have went.

  3. Getting rid of Dion and Harper are on the top of my list of things I want to see happen. I could see Dion going, but seeing the actions that have happened so far, I don’t see Harper leaving without a fight.

  4. Don’t wait too long, Oil is down and may hit 25 as a analyst predicted.

    25 dollar oil can you imagine the havoc that will wreak. Ok I admit it, I thought 75 ish was close to bottom. But the bottom fell out.

    What does this mean for ME, its great. What does it mean for Canada, soon it will be better to leave it in the ground.

    So to all the nellies ( adler the twit ) who were saying the coalition was killing the dollar and the markets….give youse heads a shake.

    Oil has dropped well over 100 bucks a barrel since Harper was in. Oil drops, loonie falls out of the sky, its that simple . US markets tank, Canadian markets tank, its that simple.

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