Constitutional Crisis-athon Begins!

From Calgary Grit:

Allowing a Prime Minister to escape a confidence vote in the House through prorogation allows a Prime Minister to govern without the confidence of the House. In my opinion, this breaks a fundamental rule of our parliamentary system.

What’s worse, it sets a terrible precedence. Can you imagine Paul Martin proroguing in May or December 2005 to escape confidence votes? Who knows how this power could be abused in the future?

Because of this, I firmly believe that the Governor General has a duty to turn down Harper’s request, and force him to face the House on Monday. I won’t blame her if she agrees to it, since Harper has placed her in a Kobayashi Maru; the blame lies squarely on Harper for asking her to do something he should not have asked her to do.

But, from a principled perspective, the proper and responsible decision would be to deny prorogation until Harper demonstrates that he has earned the confidence of the House – something he clearly does not enjoy at this moment.

Agreed. The House is the legitimate body that should decide this matter. The Governor General is not. Not a word of apology from Harper last night and no move towards reconciliation. He is going to push this thing too far.


One response to “Constitutional Crisis-athon Begins!

  1. defn.

    Proroguing: A travesty that will haunt us for ever.

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