Quebec & The Last Refuge of Scoundrels

The heart of the Conservative attack on the coalition centers around the “deal with the devil”, the support of the Separatists. One presumes that they have other arguments with the coalition, but this seems to be where they will stand and fight.

And yet, we know that Harper signed a deal with the separatists four years ago. And we now know that the Alliance and PC Parties may have negotiated a coalition in advance of the 2000 election. I don’t know if I believe that document and await Joe Clark’s comments on it. If the document’s content is accurate, then the caucus members of the Alliance and PC parties new about the deal and agreed on:

  1. leadership;
  2. disposition of ministerial offices;
  3. (the) speech from the Throne; and,
  4. support in the event of a motion of non-confidence.

If that is so, then most of the MPs who gave standing ovations to Harper’s “defence of Canada” did so knowing that they had made a similar pact in anticipation of similar circumstances. IF this is true, this is the second time they made a deal with the Separatists for power, though they’ve only once plotted with the evil socialists.

As such, the attack on the coalition is a lie. But, lies often sell. It is anyone’s guess if this will sell to the voters. Stephen Taylor, the leader of the “Rally for Canada” says plainly that Less than 1% of Canadians are members of political parties and most people think of politics for a full 7 seconds a week and he clearly plans to take advantage of this lack of attention.

This Quebec posture is exactly designed for that and fits of pattern of mis-information. I listened to a Conservative on CBC radio the other day for five minutes and counted 9 untruths. Shameful. They are spreading absolute falsehoods, including that the coalition would not sign their agreement with Canadian Flags! But, the flags were there and arrange in the order proscribed by the official “Rules for Flying the Flag”.

Unsurprisingly, I found myself having to explain the nature of coups and civil wars to my students. I have seen a real civil war before. People carry AK47s. Kids kill each other. Services collapse. The rhetoric claiming “treason” or “coup” or that we should “rise up” is simply unbelievable. These people need to both learn about the constitution and defend it from the government and stop the irresponsible language. Some of my students made the flag claim – easily disproved and a shameful attack. Some said that “Canadians voted for a Conservative government” and the “no one voted for the coaltion”. Both are false. The first is subtle. Canadians voted for MPs. And 63% of the votes cast were not cast in favour of a Conservative. That is clear. The second is silly. Of course no one voted for the coaltion. No one voted for a Conservative government either. They voted in local ridings for the people actually on the ballot. I am stunned by the rhetoric that fails to accurately portray how our system works and seeks to call the coalition “sedition”.

Patriotism is the last refuge of Harper.

Patriotism, as you recall, was also Martin’s last line of defence. That was equally disgusting. We are a nation of laws, ruled by the Constitution. The government and the country are too distinct groups. To oppose the former is the patriotic duty of those who support the latter when the government fails to live up to our standards.

Finally, I must admit to pausing a reconsidering the deal when I heard of Jacques Parizeau’s support. But, a good idea is a good idea regardless of whether or not this madman supports it.


2 responses to “Quebec & The Last Refuge of Scoundrels

  1. I imagine Quebec will be so angry about what is being said that none of the Conservative MPs from there will be reelected. I can only see this whole thing reigniting the unity debate in Quebec, and certainly will create one in Alberta. Stephen Harper is succeeding at causing huge divisions in the various parts of the country in a way no other politician has.

  2. The Bloc is a legal entity and represents the views of its constituents, no one should be insulting them the way Conservative rednecks are doing ( there i go again )

    this is a east west battle and sorry to say, the west doesn’t have the power.

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