Nixon-Kennedy All Over Again

Out here on Donald Street tonight, my wife listened in to CBC radio to hear the speeches while I made my way to a friend’s place (also on Donald) to watch the speeches. Not surprisingly, we had a different impression of Dion’s performance.

In “Amusing Ourselves To Death“, Neil Postman details the move towards a visual culture and away from a literate one. He warns us of that we were once able to judge others on the merits of their written arguments and not the visual presentation. I agree with the warning. Too often in society we fail to seek out the content of a speech and focus on those things that shouldn’t matter.

Regardless, Dion’s handlers should be embarassed with the quality of the video. Surely this will hurt them badly. Not only did it look like a message from a web cam, unfocused, and on a strange angle, but the background included only one book whose spine could be read: “Hot Air”. Unbelievably stupid. Who’s working in the media team? What the hell is wrong with them?


4 responses to “Nixon-Kennedy All Over Again

  1. Come on, when has Dion had good public exposure? Dion is pretty inept at the details of optics. Unfortunately, I didn’t see Dion’s speech, but I can only imagine. Why couldn’t he have put some interim guy like Ralph Goodale in?

  2. Go read the script instead of watching the video. Trust me.

  3. Agree Evan, big faux pas on the coalitions side.

  4. Agreed on Dion. It would be best for the country if both he and Harper moved on.

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