Harper’s speech

What should he say?


7 responses to “Harper’s speech

  1. He should apologize for starting this mess for sure. If he doesn’t have the decency to do that, all hope is lost.

  2. Ask yourself what John Howard would say, and you have your answer.

  3. He didn’t say much, did he, just what was said in the House, except this time in his forced, faggy “inside voice” & painted on smile & fuzzy persona sweater which must’ve been painful for him to maintain.

  4. He said nothing! He has now chosen to plunge us into a constitutional crisis. Absolutely insane move.

  5. @Jonathan….too funny.

  6. Bill Blaike has it right. Apoloigize then extend an invitation to work together, this was harpers moment to show statesmanship.

    All we got was too much makeup and a redneck talking for 4 minutes.

    Harper is a twit.

  7. Dion, bad engrish, trying to hard in the warm in fuzzy category. i mean comeon, most Canadians don’t even know what it means to be Canadian.

    Film quality aside, not even Spielberg can make Dion look good. Bad move on the coalitions side. They had a lock with anybody else.

    Politicians are twits.

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