Globe and Mail Says Harper Should Go

Looks like the Globe voted for my option #4.


2 responses to “Globe and Mail Says Harper Should Go

  1. I hope this shows all those 40% of eligible voters who didn’t vote what happens when they are apathetic. Canada deserves better leaders than Harper and Dion, and the only reason why they are there is because most people don’t care. The Conservatives, least of all, should be demanding someone better than Harper. I bet that if they got someone who is a bit less partisan, they would have easily got a majority last time. As you might recall, I voted PC a long time ago, and I didn’t throw my support over to the new Conservative party largely because of its overly partisan nature, largely led by Stephen Harper. We deserve better.

  2. We do deserve better. Harper and Dion’s arguements in the House today highlighted that both of them should go. Dion is on the way out in five months (this should be accelerated) and Harper should join him.

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