Crisis Spreads! (To Facebook)


Looks like we’ve got all sorts of Facebook groups for ye internet politicos to join.

On the side of the majority:

On the side of Harper:

And for the more reasonable:

I was going to make fun of the comments in the pro-Harper groups, but then I read the comments from the other groups. Both groups do not require passing any test in Canadian history, Parliamentary procedures, constitutional law, or that their members have basic math skills. Still, it’s democracy in action.


6 responses to “Crisis Spreads! (To Facebook)

  1. And another one for the coalitionistas:

    I’m part of the 62% majority

  2. Yeah, there are wildly partisan statements on both sides. Personally, I look forward to seeing what a coalition would do, after Harper couldn’t form his own. However, I really cannot guess the outcome in the next election, as things will continue to be partisan. Really, this is just the culmination of a series of really bad deals that started with the dissolution of the PC party and Paul Martin becoming the leader of the Liberals.

  3. Agreed, Evan. But, our system is also broken. If the CPC were split again into the PC and Reform vote, what would the distribution of power had been then? Would we have had no party with 25% support? If that is the case, clearly we need to represent that diversity of opinion and prepare for many coalitions in the future.

  4. If ever there were an argument for proportional representation, it was the crushing of the PC Party. However, it is worth noting that Italy has some sort of system like that, and they generally have at least one election a year. The question is, do we want that? Personally, I think it is a great idea to have a diversity of opinion, but obviously having a five party system is causing our parliament to disintigrate to dust. I think the best route is to do what Nunavut does, and have no parties and have a government by consensus.

    Who am I kidding, that will never happen. Group mentality is an inherent property of humans, and this will perpetuate for the forseeable future.

    Perhaps it is time for me to consider going out of the country for a while. I’m sure I can find a job or a PH.D position somewhere. I really want to see what people in other countries think. I think a lot of the problems we are facing could probably be resolved by looking to see how other countries facing political crisis dealt with it.

  5. Here’s a link to another great Facebook group:

    Canadians against the Conservative-Liberal-Independent-Labour Coalition

    Sir Robert Borden’s Pro-Conscription Unionist Coalition will surely destroy us all! Never before has Canada been so divided. We must resist these opportunistic attempts to consolidate power by that rapscallion Arthur Meighen.

  6. That evil Borden! What will he try next, Women’s Sufferage?

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