Awaiting Clarification

This story is so unbelievable. Apparently, the Conservatives serepticiously recorded an NDP caucus meeting and the Prime Minister’s Office released the transcript to the media!

Although I am absolutely no Harper fan, I can’t believe that this is true. If this story stands as is, then not only did the Conservatives spy on another party, they thought that this clear crime was such an acceptable practice that the PMO publicly implicates themselves!

I’ll await clarification. This is too shocking to be true.


5 responses to “Awaiting Clarification

  1. PS: If it does prove to be true, then the opposition would be nuts not to kick these incompetents out and the Conservative Party would be nuts to keep Harper at the helm.

    But, I repeat: I’ll await the clear details that will emerge in the next few days before passing judgement.

  2. Spin cycle is in full gear. Charles Adler is losing his mind.

    So let me get this straight, when did the story change ? Is Harpers idiotic move the story or are we now immersed in a full fledged Seperatist coup d’etat.

    As per Charles, this is a coup d’etat. Where’s the RCMP, the military ///Maybe he shouldn’t be using such inflammatory language.

  3. Yeah, it appears true that the Conservatives were taping the NDP. It smells of Watergate.

  4. Watergate? Seriously?

    Here’s what I think is unbelievable: The NDP plotting with the Bloc to overthrow the government immediately after the election. These guys don’t give a crap about the economy or the fiscal update. They just want to overturn the results of the election. The fiscal update is just a convenient opening.

  5. Cherenkov,

    What are you talking about? In a minority government, it would be irresponsible NOT to speak with all the leaders of the other parties. In fact, that is exactly what Harper did as Leader of the Opposition. Harper even signed a letter to the GG with “the seperatists and the socialists” in order to bring about a “coup”. This is the nature of our system.

    One Exception:

    The difference between this result and every other government in Canadian history is that this will be the first government elected by the majority.

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