Brought To You Via Hologram

Did anyone catch the “hologram” on CNN last night…
It's like she's really there!

Its like she's really there!!!

Dumbest. Feature. Ever. Wolf claimed that they were having an “intimate” (sic) conversation even though she was thousands of miles away! But – here’s the catch – he couldn’t even see her! He was pretending to maintain eye contact and she was being digitally added to the transmission.
Thanks to the hologram, I was better able to understand the election. Without it, I was stuck watching eight networks worth of commentators, polls, stats, and looking to that dumb ol’ Internet for hologram-free information. How did we ever live without holograms?

5 responses to “Brought To You Via Hologram

  1. I for one was simply astounded by the use of hologram technology. I was disappointed that they only used it once, though. I can’t wait until they can beam these things right into our living rooms. As I said last night, once they’re able to do that, I’ll have no reason to leave my apartment. Truly marvelous times we’re living in.

    Incidentally, the internet is abuzz with hologram discussion. For instance check out:

  2. Btw, apparently there’s some controversy surrounding Mr. Blitzer’s ability to actually see Ms. Yellin.

    I say CNN needs to disclose their hologram secrets!

  3. CNN loves it’s on-air toys !

  4. The most wtf moment of the night, for sure. Seriously, I can’t image what kind of crap they will think of next time.

  5. Here’s a slightly more technical discussion of the potential future of hologram technology.

    I promise I’ll stop posting now… I’ve wasted too much time on this subject!

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