Donald Street Calls The Election For Obama

I just wanted to beat the networks to it. Look at the current polling numbers. One of the candidates is far ahead in 37 states and the District of Columbia. Those total up to 129 secure Electoral Votes for McCain and 264 secure EVs for Obama. The remaining 13 states are worth 145 EVs.

For Obama to win, he needs 6 out of those 145. McCain needs 141 of 145. McCain can only loose one of the smallest (North Dakota, South Dakota, or Montana) swing states each worth 3 EVs, but otherwise must win Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, two of the three small states. McCain is not about to win 12 close contests, some of which are leaning Obama by margins of up to 6.9%!

Game over.


One response to “Donald Street Calls The Election For Obama

  1. And for those interested, a tie would be broken by the newly-elected Congress. So, if Obama only wins the states he currently strongly holds plus Nevada and McCain wins the other 12 close states, Obama still wins because congress is going to be overwhelmingly Democrat.

    But, a tie sure would make for interesting theatre.

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