Coyne Quotes Me….Sort of…

Without citing my original source, Andrew Coyne posts my graph of voter support for the government as a percentage of the electorate.

But, I’m not mad at not getting the credit. This is the nature of blogs and meme theory, which I’ve discussed a few times. The notion is that good ideas will be reproduced in new hosts and will evolve over time. I started the blog intending to reach as many as 5 people a day and if I post decent enough ideas, then they are reproduced for another generation. If I only reach 2 people and they each reach 2 people, etc…then I am only 32 generations away from reaching everyone on Earth. The internet allows for that kind of rapid reproduction in a way that journals of academia fail misrably.

Thanks for the quote, Andrew. Maybe you can give me a hit-generating link for my ego, too?


4 responses to “Coyne Quotes Me….Sort of…

  1. What’s this world coming to when plagiarism runs rampant!

  2. If you read Coyne’s blog, he just doesn’t whom to quote. He doesn’t claim it as his own – so no plagiarism there.

  3. It’s a great, albeit alarming, graph. Congrats on the discussion you’ve provoked by presenting it.

    While there are many reasons why elected support for the government is steadily declining, such as Cherenkov’s mention that all parties appear increasingly interchangeable, I suppose it’s the consequences we have to worry about.

    I’ve always thought that the brilliance of free, multiparty electoral democracy was that it channelled conflicts, grievances, and dissatisfaction into an arena through which such things could be addressed non-violently and (relatively) respectfully. Countries without such an institution are often less-than-pleasant places to live. I think the worrisome question for Canada is this: if belief in such an institution is and continues to be on the decline, what might be the long-term consequences?

  4. Hi PT,

    Thanks for popping by.

    Your question is a good one, but contains a large assumption. Are people really not showing up because of lack of belief in th institution? I don’t know the answer. I imagine that there are loads of reasons why they aren’t showing up, including lowering faith in the system, no sense of being listened to, no sense of having an impact, reduced door-to-door campaigning in favour of national mass-media style campaigns, negative adverstising, and many other causes. Research needs to be done to figure out why people are not showing up and what in our system needs to change in order to engage more people.

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