Twas the Night Before Voting…

I’m excited to see a good turnout tomorrow for Chris Hrynkow in Elmwood-Transcona! We’ve run a great campaign and despite begin outspent 150 to 1 we have managed to speak with thousands of voters and get our message out.

I can’t sleep after all this time and I’m pumped that we will shatter 2006 results of 3% and 1211 votes. We might even take a run at beating Liberal candidate…

Congratulations to all the campaigns for a hard-fought campaign and best of luck tomorrow.


4 responses to “Twas the Night Before Voting…

  1. Just think about next time.

    Malloway is going to be as bad an MP as he was an MLA. He is a lazy, lazy man and not bright either. Once he gets to Ottawa he will learn that noone cares about the Disrali, and I unlike being on Broadway he won’t be able to skip out and go work at his insurance firm, so he will just nap.

  2. Hi Brodie,

    In accordance with the rules of Elections Canada for Election Day postings, I will decline to comment on your post, neither confirming nor denying anything contained in it.

    Don’t forget to vote, everyone!

  3. As of right now, your candidate earned 52% more votes than the 2006 Green candidate (1839 compared to 1211) and a 62% greater share of the vote (5.89% to 3.63%).

    Not bad.

  4. I agree, Jonathan. Not bad. Not awesome. But, with a close vote and a large ABC pressence this year, gaining is significant. If we were up against Bill Blaikie without a strong Conservative pressence, I’d bet we would have done better and could even have beaten the Liberals.

    Good fun, regardless of the outcome.

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