Driven by a radical social agenda

As an educator,I am shocked and appalled by the views which Trevor Kennerd seems to have expressed.

However, I wish that the CBC would make the letter available so that we could all see it in full. Otherwise, I worry that they are pulling a quote from an otherwise reasonable letter.

Still, if he said of diversity education that “The human resources wasted on researching, developing and teaching this type of information is incalculable,” then he knows nothing about pedagogy and he is (in his words) “driven by a radical social agenda.” He is trying to (in his words, again) “engineer” society to fit his bizarre views.

I can recall a student who attempted suicide twice after people mistreated him because he was homosexual. I have known no student as intelligent, kind, and caring. To not teach diversity in our schools would be a grave injustice. Money spent saving hundreds of students from intimidation, violence, and hatred is money well spent. Money teaching tolerance over ignorance is money well spent.

Trevor Kennerd’s views have no place in a modern society based on tolerance, diversity, freedom, equity, and social justice. They are dangerous and will lead to untold amounts of suffering. For shame.


5 responses to “Driven by a radical social agenda

  1. Thanks for the letter, Jonathan. It actually reads a lot nuttier than I expected.

    In particular, I am struck by the line “The Golden Rule is all the diversity education that is needed.” To some extent, I agree with the Ethic of Reciprocity, though I agree with some of the criticisms of George Bernard Shaw and Bertrand Russell. No doubt Mr. Kennerd is aware of these criticisms. I also like the Platinum Rule, espoused by Karl Popper.

    More importantly, there are many religions and secular ethicists who have espoused an Ethic of Reciprocity, not just the Bible. One text that I find compelling, and one that is much older, is Confucious’ Analects. By citing one particular version of the Ethic of Reciprocity at the exlusion of hundreds of others, Kennerd provides us with the definition of anti-diversity. That the letter is calling on the State to impose a particular religious view on children to the exclusion of the others should be chilling to anyone who believes in religious freedom.

    Kennerd says, “there was a time when this rule was used in schools and in the home”. I assume he means the Medieval Period.

    I also note that there are posters (posters!) – no doubt quite expensive ones – on the walls which extoll social conscience. Which posters in particular does Mr. Kennerd dislike? The anti-tobacco ones? The anti-violence ones? The anti-racism ones? The anti-rape ones? The ones which ask kids to recycle? The ones that tell them to read and to vote? The ones responsible for preventing the spread of AIDS and reducing teen pregnancy? Which posters are so vile, so wicked, that they are instilling values that will ruin our society? Name them, please, Trevor.

  2. Hey. It’s Kennerd. Kennard sounds like a French duck.

  3. Thanks, Bart. Corrections made.

  4. Right-Wing Winnipeg Blogger The Black Rod wasted no time in displaying homophobic bias on this story. He goes after CBC for reporting the story and attacks them for bias, saying:

    “They did run to Lori Johnson, chair of the school board at the time Kennard wrote his letter, for comment, but without mentioning that she is an open lesbian…”

    Yes, that’s what he said.

    They should have mentioned that her views were tainted by the fact that she’s a lesbian! Surely, the Black Rod had no intention to say something so vile as the fact that opinions should be prefaced by an announcement of sexual preference. No. He probably wrote that in haste. I will therefore invite him to retract that portion of his post, no questions asked.

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