The Election Outcome Is…

Think you know more than the parade of experts and pundits appearing daily in newspapers and nightly on television?  Now’s your chance to prove it.  With election day on the horizon, I’ve forwarded the following message to many of my friends:

With yet another federal election just around the corner, it’s time to once again submit your predictions for the composition of the next House of Commons.  When Parliament was dissolved the composition was

Conservative Party


Liberal Party


Bloc Québécois


New Democratic Party


Green Party






Note the total adds up to 308 seats.  Your prediction should, too!  Please submit your predictions by midnight Oct. 12th.  The winner will receive the following: self-satisfaction, bragging rights, some potentially awesome prize-like thingy.
Friends, family, enemies and Americans are invited to join in the fun.
I’m now inviting the online community to make their predictions, too.  You can do so by making a posting to the comments section.  Submissions will be tabulated and posted before the election for all to view, with winners announced afterwards.  And prizes will be distributed sometime after that.*

Update: Deadline has been extended to Oct. 12th due to the global economic crisis.

*Prizes may be fictional and, therefore, not distributed.

14 responses to “The Election Outcome Is…

  1. Conservative – 128
    Liberals – 93
    NDP – 37
    Bloc – 45
    Independents – 2

  2. Hi daniel,

    That’s a risky move making a prediction early.

    I’m so unsure of where this election will go that I’m holding off on my prediction for as long as possible.

    Good luck!

  3. Daniel, you may want to change your prediction because it doesn’t add up to 308. Unless that’s part of your strategy.

  4. Well since predications are starting to roll in, I guess it’s time I make my prediction public. Since I’ll have access to everyone’s predictions, I don’t want to be accused of basing my prediction on other’s expertise. So here goes:

    Conservative – 134
    Liberal – 84
    BQ – 49
    NDP – 39
    Green – 1
    Ind – 1

    Best of luck to everyone else!

  5. ouch…

    I’ll modify that to:
    Conservatives – 130
    Liberals – 93
    NDP 38
    Bloc – 45
    Independents – 2

    or is that within the rules?

  6. We’ll let your first prediction slide. Thanks for making the correction Daniel.

  7. I’m still very unsure about how this will turn out. You guys should get a reward for making a prediction so early.

  8. You offering a prize for earlybird voters Mike?

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  10. No. Just kudos.

  11. Here’s my prediction:

    Cons 153
    Libs 70
    NDP 34
    Bloc 48
    Green 1
    Ind 2

    Not sure why I’m voting that way since the polls are trending differently. But, I’m pessimistic tonight. Ask me again in a few days…

  12. just curious, which Green do you expect to win next tuesday?

  13. I expect that the Green win will be for… Elmwood-Transcona’s Chris Hrynkow!

    Full disclosure: I’m his campaign manager.

    In reality, the best Green shot is probably one of the Vancouver or Vancouver Island 4-way races, Nunavut, Guelph, Ottawa Center, or Elizabeth May. Also, at 10% to 13% in the polls, there is a possibility that somewhere is a well-funded well-run campaign that isn’t making headlines that will surprise us.

    However, I also think that the Green vote could be hurt by “strategic voting” and would not be surprised to see it dip on election night with no seats.

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