Stuart McLean for PM

An excellent comment by Stuart McLean last week:

“The strangers our schools teach children to avoid are more apt to help than harm them. Here in Canada various politicians and police forces serving their own self interests have warned us about rising crimes rates when the reverse is true .. but we buy into the fear and hover around our children like secret service agents shielding them from dangers that don’t exist … and instead of sending them next door to call on someone, we arrange play dates as if we were social secretaries rather than moms and dads.

“We have bought this danger story, hook line and sinker, and in so doing we have robbed our children of childhood. I fell for it too. Which is probably why I feel so strongly about this. It is worth pointing out that it is not just the media who should be held to accounts. Political leaders have been equally adept at this game. It has served more than one leader to paint the world as a dangerous place . To point to the enemies hovering around us.
Any person who has traveled widely would tell you otherwise. Would tell you this world is full of men and women just like you -men and women who are anxious to look after themselves and provide for their families and muddle through to the end as best they can.”

And even better: “any political leader who tries to tell you it is time to circle the wagons is trying to sell you a bill of goods.”

Podcast available here.


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