First Canvassing! Results amazing

Four of us – including candidate Chris Hrynkow, and our new Youth Outreach Coordinator – went out and knocked on doors for two hours near Leighton and Henderson. The results were amazing. We’ve got 6 sign requests from the night, a couple of donations, and loads of interest in a new kind of politics based on ideas.

The results suggest that if we can just talk to everyone in the riding, we could have a major impact. I’m looking forward to more!


9 responses to “First Canvassing! Results amazing

  1. I hate to say it, but I see May in the news, the less inclined I am to vote Green. I really don’t like her constant yelling about Harper, I miss the moderate Jim Harris, talking about green issues, but presenting a moderate/right of centre economic plan. Also her views on abortion run against mine and I really don’t like the Green platform about leaving NATO and NORAD. That is total 1980’s NDP mumbo-jumbo.

    But good luck on the local campaign, at this stage in the Green Party it really takes strong efforts at the door by local teams to get your name out there.

    I fear May be a diaster in the debate if she goes for the shrill thing.

  2. To be honest, James, I haven’t heard May’s shrill voice much since I don’t have a TV and my computer’s sound card has not worked in three years. It’s actually wonderful to be in that position as it lets you read the words rather than listen to the voice. The difference is so noticeable whenever I’m at someone’s house and the TV news is on. For example, Dubya. He seems like a semi-moron in writing but whenever I catch him speaking I can’t believe that anyone takes him seriously. Anyway, try to get past the voice and to the policy.

    Speaking of which…On abortion, I’m not sure which party you would support if you were anti-abortion. The Conservatives aren’t even able to mention the word. On NATO, I have to argue that since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the West has not done enough to dis-arm the world. In fact, we are the big sellers of weapons and make billions off of instability. After years of backing Russia into a corner, what response should we expect? Could the Cold War have not been – as the Tragically Hip say in their song about the 1972 Summit Series – fake? Perhaps. At the very least, we live in a world with enough nukes to destroy itself many time over and – taking a long view – one of two things will happen to those nukes: either (a) they will be destroyed, or (b) they will be used. So, should we participate in organizations that seek perpetual peace through perpetual war – or will we recognize what Ghandi told us long ago that peace is the only way?

    In the debates, I do think that May has a distinct disadvantage as a woman. No one has ever said that a male leader of a Canadian political party has a “shrill” voice. The wording reflects a bias inherent in the language which is subtle – a bias for which I have certainly been guilty.

  3. Quick follow-up, James.

    Didn’t mean to imply that you are anti-woman in any way by your use of shrill to describe May’s voice. Just that there exists in general a bias in our language for describing women in politics.

    Thought I’d clarify.

  4. I was looking for another word to describe May, as I recognize that “shrill” has sexist connatations, but it really fits her the past couple of weeks. She needs to lay off the snipping and start selling the Green vision.

    Also I’m strongly pro-choice and i disagree with May’s many anti-choice comments in the past. She turns off a lot of left of centre voters with her words on those issues.

  5. P.S

    Dion comes across as Shrill too!

  6. Hi James,

    Sorry, I totally mis-understood what you said about abortion above. Her views are noted here.

    What her position suggests to me is that she is most definitely both pro-choice and pro-access to abortions AND is not a fan of them per se. For someone who may find abortions disquieting (from a confessional perspective) to be pro-choice is as far as I can expect someone like that to approach my position. She is pro-choice for all, including herself.

  7. Thought I’d join in the whole debate about the bias for/against women candidates. I’ll first start by saying that I really think it would be beneficial if we had more women in politics and I think there are some concrete structural barriers in place that are impeding women (and also many men) in participating in the debates.

    Ok… onto my point. I agree that women political leaders are characterized by their appearance, voice, clothes, make-up, etc. But so are men. Look at the whole sweater-vest thing. Not convinced? How about McCain looks old and tired. Layton looks like a used car salesperson with that moustache. Harper has trouble hugging his children. Unfortunately, the list goes on and on for both men and women.

    My point is that the media/public tend to portray both men and women in near equal superficial light. I do think this needs to be changed because it discourages people from getting involved, but I think there are other more important factors at play here that work against women… and many reasonable men for that factor… in getting involved in politics.

  8. Shrill voice, constantly Harping on Harper, sexism, moderates…etc….

    What about the issues ?

    Personaly I couldn’t care if she was a pumpkin.

    So far she’s made the most impact and has the best platforms.

    God I love that basic personal exemption to 20K.

  9. Good points, Phil and Sigh. There is too much of all this talk and not enough substance. Go to, by the way, for the substance of the Green platform.

    Phil, I would still argue – despite your examples – that the image-related comments on women in power often reflect the stereotype that women are unfit for power. Still, we need to talk about substance.

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