Elmswood-Birds Hill

This clerical error is funny. But, even better, is that it is reproduced all throughout the Internet, we can find the words “Jim Malloway, the New Democrat candidate for Elmswood – Birds Hill, says…”

The last time a riding was so named was during the 1984 election in Winnipeg-Birds Hill, a riding abolished and redistributed – mostly into Winnipeg-Transcona. For a campaign with a strong identity in Elmwood and a need to reach out to Transcona, this is unfortunate. Looks like they reached out to Transcona, but ended up reaching too far!

On substantive points, Malloway shows he has no basic understanding of the difference between oil and gas, nor the nature of short-term pricing – as discussed here. He cites the same Free Press apple-to-orange comparison, apparently unaware that a major disruption to refining capacity in the short term should produce an increase in gas prices and a decrease in oil prices. At Don Street, we prefer a sober analysis to inflammatory rhetoric.


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