All Aboard!

The latest Green Party announcement on twining the national railway lines is particularly welcome here on Donald Street and should be music to the ears of Elmwood-Transcona. This program would improve transportation across the country, reduce carbon emissions, and create good jobs in our community.

However, despite the focus on the Environment, the Globe’s Bill Curry is quick to highlight many of the Green platforms, including:

“Withdrawing from the North American free-trade agreement to negotiate a new trade deal that includes protection for human rights, jobs and resources.

Imposing a $50-a-tonne carbon tax that would add 12 cents a litre to the price of gasoline.

Using carbon tax revenues to fund poverty reduction measures and reduce income taxes.

Allowing Canadians to use income splitting when filing taxes, a measure that benefits couples when one person earns significantly more than the other.

Creating programs aimed at restoring work-life balance, including a mandatory three-week vacation and reducing payroll taxes so that employers hire new employees rather than expect current staff to work overtime.

Decriminalizing marijuana.

Restoring the GST to 6 per cent from its currently 5 per cent, and transferring that revenue to cities for environmental infrastructure projects such as public transit.”

I would also hasten to add that the party will increase the personal tax exemption to the first $20,000 of your income while taxing pollution and creating a new tax bracket for income above $150,000.


6 responses to “All Aboard!

  1. G&M’s Bill Curry wrote:

    Using carbon tax revenues to fund poverty reduction measures and reduce income taxes.

    “Poverty reduction” means in this case putting more men at a disadvantage so that more women can neglect their kids by putting them in daycare while they chase their so-called “career”.

    Don’t want it.

  2. Jim,

    I’d love it if you were to identify your party affiliation so that we can associate the above with another political party. That would be a great boost to us and a devestating blow to whomever you are supporting.

  3. I am voting Green…..I made up my mind after seeing how useless the other 3 parties are.

  4. Thank you for your support, Sigh!

  5. Who’s running in Charleswood

  6. Not sure. I’m focused on E-T right now. I’ll check and let you know.

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