Greens 2nd in BC, close 4th on Prairies

From Angus Reid.

Looks like we can overtake the Liberals in Saskatchewan and Manitoba! We’re in a statistical tie with them here! And, if anyone in BC is looking for who can beat the Tories, its the Greens!

(Oh, and if another poll comes out showing us in a poorer position, I will reject it as either an outlier or the result of biased surveyers! )


4 responses to “Greens 2nd in BC, close 4th on Prairies

  1. With steadily improving poll numbers for the Greens, how discouraging is it that these are unlikely to result in more than a seat or two?

  2. A little, Jonathan, I must admit.

    But, the point of the campaign is to focus attention on a new vision for the country. Getting the vote counts we are at right now and a few seats this time would do exactly that.

    Sometimes, like in the days of Tommy Douglas, you vote for ideals that won’t win elections but will change the world for the better. This is our time to act, to Vote For Tomorrow.

  3. What does a “close ” fourth mean ?

  4. Hi Sigh,

    We are 1% back of the Liberals on the Prairies. Its a statistical tie, really.

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