We Can Only Go Up

The Free Press has published a poll of ridings in Winnipeg, and Elmwood-Transcona Greens are sitting at 1.9%!!! That is, by the way, the lowest that any candidate from any  of the major parties is sitting.

So, we can only go up! Since we didn’t even exist as a going concern when the poll was taken, and given the results of early campaigning, I’d say things will improve dramatically. At the very least, we’re going to take the Liberals down a notch…stay tuned.


9 responses to “We Can Only Go Up

  1. And as a follow up, check out Kinsella on the Tory gaffes. It looks like the only way they can go is down. Seems like this is their election to lose.

  2. I agree that it’s theirs to lose – not a great situation to be in.

    As for the greens in E.T. the nice thing being distant third is that you can have some fun with it as you build a foundation for someone to add to next time. Make for a nice campaign. I’d rather be distant third than distant second !!

    Bonne chance !

  3. Thanks for the support, mrchristian! Any chance you want to volunteer to help out?

  4. With Eliz. May at the helm of the Green Party of Canada, I don’t think she is the best choice as leader.

    She is most likely a man hating Communist, so she would not make Canada a better place but MORE reliant on government.

    She would also be more pro-BRT and cycling than rail rapid transit.

    Says a lot about you Mike if you’re supporting them.

  5. Jim,

    Give your head a shake. “Man-hating communist” is so rediculous a statement. Clearly, you need help. But, I’d love to be able to attribute the above to a party, so why not let us in on who you are supporting.

    And, frankly, I find it facinating that someone who is advocating the largest government project in Winnipeg in generations is anti big-government. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

    As for rail, May is currently crossing the country by train, not plane. And, Chris Hrynkow is an advocate for a rail system for Winnipeg. Perhaps your vision is blurred by a deep-seated hatred of women. Time to let go of the anger, Jim.

  6. Jim does hate woman. On facebook he is member of multiple anti-woman/misogynist groups. It’s clear he has some issues besides being obsessed with some stupid 60 year old sketch of a magic subway in the sky.

    I miss Jim Harris. I would have voted for him, I don’t like May’s little deal with Dion and find her race in Nova Scotia against McKay to be ill thought out when more winable ridings were around.

  7. Hi Brodie,

    Thanks for stopping by. I think that the May move to run against McKay was a great strategy. But, we’ll see. I can’t imagine that there were that many shoe-in ridings for her to choose from.

    As for Jim, he needs to learn to put hate aside.

  8. I never said feminists were women.

  9. And jaworski wonders why no one takes his little TruWinnipeg group seriously…

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