CPAC-Nanos Tracking Polls Begin!

The best tracking poll in the country has begun to publish results. And the current standings are….

  • CPC 37%
  • LPC 32%
  • NDP 13%
  • GREEN 9%
  • BQ 9%

Or, in other words, we’ve gone nowhere in 2 and a half years. The NDP are down 4%, the CPC are up 4%, Libs down 3%, Green up 2%….this has not changed much.

Anyway, watch as these polls move. Nik Nanos does a great job of analysis on CPAC every night and its worth a watch.


One response to “CPAC-Nanos Tracking Polls Begin!

  1. Just a note on the BQ and Greens sitting even. If that holds, the Greens may not get a seat and the Bloq will get 50. Out of 308.

    Does anyone else feel that there is room for improvement in how seats are distributed?

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