Tales from the Campaign Trail

Elmwood-Transcona Green Party Candidate Chris Hrynkow

Elmwood-Transcona Green Party Candidate Chris Hrynkow

Day one of our campaign went way better than I could have ever expected. Chris and some volunteers went out to collect signatures at Kildonan Place and the comments were extremely positive.

It seems that people are not impressed with the NDP and Conservative choices – underwhelming as they are – and are also not connecting with the Party leaders. Also, once voters have a chance to meet Chris and talk with him about the issues, its clear that he can draw a lot of support! We probably generated 10% as many votes as the Greens got last time in only a couple of hours! Now, if only we could meet every voter face-to-face in one month…

At the very least, it looks like the other parties have blown a good chance to take an open seat now that Bill Blaikie has retired. Comparing to Bill Blaikie is difficult for any candidate – but I still had hoped for better callibre candidates. But, with Chris, we’ve got a stellar candidate who is going to raise the most important issues of the day.

Given Lake Manitoba’s algae blooms and the poor public transportation in the city, I think that the city of Winnipeg should be very open to the ecological message this time.

Anyway, back to work…


2 responses to “Tales from the Campaign Trail

  1. I signed nomination papers last night for the Green Party candidate in Winnipeg South Centre. I didn’t give him (or his volunteer – we were never actually told the candidate’s name) any guarantees about my vote.

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    I also signed the forms for the Conservative candidate in my area, so I realize that a signature is not a statement of intent to vote. However, going by the comments made by the signers, things look ok.

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