Don Street Retreat: Talk Amongst Yourselves

Lake Winnipeg
Lake Winnipeg

While posting has been slow these past few days here at Don Street, things are about to come to a stand-still. I’m going to be away for a while and will not be posting or even reading comments until I return. But, on my left (your right), you can find many links to some sites from Winnipeg, none of them endorsed by Don Street. By the way, post below if you know of other good Winnipeg blogs adn sites to which I should be linking.

Local Winnipeg News seems to be heating up right at the time that I am leaving! The Taman Inquiry continues, taser tragedy is in the news, City Hall seems to have a human-resources crisis, the Mayor is expected to make a decision on the stadium, Transit may go on strike, and the Bombers finally won a game. Don Street is looking forward to catching up on news and commentary on these events and more.

But, since you are wondering my views (or you wouldn’t be reading this), here are some brief thoughts:

TAMAN INQUIRY: (Dan Lett has oodles to say on this at his blog.) Could the police look any worse? This abdication of responsibility only compounds their attempts to deal with other issues, like the taser incident. Having shown themselves corrupt – at least in the eyes of the public – they taint our view of all other actions. To wit…

TASERS: Curtis Brown’s good comment in the Free Press Saturday was undermined by a story a few pages back. While I agree that the use of tasers is a thousand times better than shooting someone, the Brittish remind us that there are more than two options for dealing with people. In this latest incident, we don’t have nearly enough evidence to comment conclusively, though the Taman Inquiry does give the public reason to pause and question. Policy Frog is none-too-impressed with the MMF’s Chartrand, but I think that suspicion of racism is a reaction that flows from brutal historical wrongs. To suggest that the Metis should not be suspicious at all, we would need to show the precise moment when racism was eradicated. In the end, however, I give the benefit of doubt to the officers involved until such time as the evidence shows otherwise.

EXEUNT: The surprising turnover at the top is a reason why we need newspapers and reporters. Dig into this story, o reporters! It is possible that this is just a coincidence, but why would so many key people leave at around the same time? Is there something more to this? Don Street wants to know.

ASPERLAND: The big decision on the Point Douglas Stadium is coming soon! I’ve made my views on this plan clear here, and here. However, I would like to say that I feel sorry for Asper. He’s been put in a tough spot by Toews’ sudden interest in “urban renewal”. The original plan for Polo Park should be reconsidered. And, while rejecting the stadium, Katz should lay the foundation for a complete re-development plan for South Point Douglas that ensures that people move into our downtown, thus doing a enormous amount to truly renew our core. (hat tip Dan Lett)

FARE TREATMENT: It would be a tragedy to shut down Transit and strand its tens of thousands of riders. However, the drivers do have some good points. Quality of life is important and should not be overlooked. At the same time, Transit has been struggling to find new staff and has been working hard to avoid taking the measures that are upsetting drivers. This doesn’t seem like an easy issue to resolve and Don Street sure is happy to be a cyclist.



Well, thus ends my thoughts as I drift into the luxury of a week of vacation. Don Street has been faithfully serving Winnipeg’s blog-readers for three weeks and has enjoyed the experiment. A couple of reporters, at least one urban studies prof, and many young “creative class” types have stopped by to join the conversation. Your input has been much appreciated and enlightning. While blogs have their limits, I think that they offer a wonderful opportunity to engage the public in meaningful discourse, to advance ideas, and to learn from others. I’ve enjoyed blogging with you so far and look forward to my return.



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