“Bizarre” Stadium plan doesn’t have “any redeeming features”

Thank you to the urban planning conference for taking the time out to pan the Point Douglas plan.

I had previously noted that the planners had lots of good things to say about our downtown re-development. It’s good to hear that they also agree with Don Street on the stadium.

 July 20 Update: Curtis Brown has a good comment on the same article and a look at the situation in Minnesota.


5 responses to ““Bizarre” Stadium plan doesn’t have “any redeeming features”

  1. At least it was free advice from outsiders.

    SPD should be all but finished now. Surely, not even the Mayor could snub these planners.

  2. Yes, agreed. Between the planners, professors and others that provided that advice that was probably a $200k worth of consulting. If the Mayor was a smart man he and a couple of senior execs of the city would have gone along to hear in detail what they had to say and point out.

  3. In the end, I feel bad for Mr. Asper. His original plan on the original site was very good. Vic Toews through a monkey-wrench into things with this new location tied to federal money.

    I wonder – and maybe someone can check this – if the amount of federal money being offered compensates for the extra expenses the city will incur implementing this plan, such as moving Higgins Ave.

  4. I don’t know why you would feel bad about Mr. Asper. He’s trying to leverage your tax dollar to build something he can profit from. I estimate , about 100 Million dollars for the Polo Park site at the minimum.

    There is another way but that would take some vision, innovation and courage.


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