MPI to cyclists: We’d rather pay $8.2Million for your injuries than to prevent them

Hat tip to Policy Frog.

As a cyclist, I’m constantly annoyed by the lack of safety for cyclists in Winnipeg, and the unsafe behavior of both drivers and fellow cyclists. I’ve had semi-trucks pass me without changing lanes! And now, although MPI paid out $8.2Million in 2006 to cyclists hit by cars, they refuse to fund programs that would increase bike safety! And this while the number of commuter cyclists is increasing! Crazy.


6 responses to “MPI to cyclists: We’d rather pay $8.2Million for your injuries than to prevent them

  1. I’ve really appreciated the research and lobbying that ‘Bike to the Future’ has done in the past two years (as noted by PolicyFrog). They’ve prevented Sam and his gang from sweeping the issue under the rug, and instead have secured millions of dollars for bike paths. Unfortunately what we need are bike ‘lanes’, which still seems a fleeting notion for city hall (apart from Dakota Street which seemed to have used paint that was worn down within 2 days).

    According to MPI’s website, they pump money into sports teams and cultural events, and invest in local services. Providing programs for cyclists to make the roads safer for everyone (including drivers) doesn’t seem like a stretch. But I guess MPI doesn’t see it that way…

  2. I agree with the gist of the post…but wonder if “bike safety” programmes would really decrease accidents…”driver safety” programmes don’t – I drive bike to work, but take car to shop.

  3. I always find it funny that Pembina Highway north of Bishop is considered a “bike route”. I was never crazy enough to ever bike down Pembina Highway.

  4. I was once, but never again. I agree, Pembina Highway is a jungle.

  5. Hi Christopher,

    Thanks for stopping by Donald Street. Always good to see other bloggers.

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