Fringe Festival Coming Soon

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I just love the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. For a couple of weeks, we pretend to have a functioning, densly populated, well-visited downtown and watch some great – and less than great – preformances. It’s sometimes a gamble, but I do have one show to recommend: Evelyn Reese. In 2006, I caught her performance and almost died laughing. If the new show is half as good, I may have a mild heart-attack.

The Free Press reviewer gave Evelyn Reese only 3 stars that year and forever lowered my impression of the Free Press. So, check this site over the course of the Festival for reviews, including by a mystery guest reviewer!


3 responses to “Fringe Festival Coming Soon

  1. I’ve been going to the Fringe for about 15 years now and have seen many, many plays. I can attest to Mike’s assessment that this is not only one of the funniest, but also one of the most memorable plays I have ever seen! Susan’s intonation, costume and subject matter were right on for the character.

    Usually the Free Press is pretty accurate with their reviews, but occasionally it seems that someone who is more interested in the drama genre (which is good in its own right) gets stuck reviewing a comedy. Perhaps that’s what happened here.

  2. Welcome to the blog Rob! I’m looking forward to your Fringe reviews.

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