Winnipeg Subway: Part 1

Norman D. Wilson Subway as seen from space, with special glasses for seeing through stuff
Norman D. Wilson Subway as seen from space,
with special glasses for seeing through stuff

The folks at TRU Winnipeg have begun to put posters up around our fair city including on my less-than-rapid bus line. So, it’s time that I delve into the dark subteranean world of public transportation debates!

In this first post, I intend merely to point you to the subway plan, developped in 1959 by Norman D. Wilson, who also designed these doo-dads for other cities like Toronto, which dug deep and got er’ done.

Take a look at their maps, a desciption of the history of the subway and it’s main benefits, and their not-so-detailed plan for getting there. Their blog also offers insight into water tables, soil, and other fun technical issues that have been discussed and aparently resolved.

My analysis will follow in a seperate post tomorrow. For now, read up on the subway if you haven’t heard of it already. I’ll be giving a detailed response soon, with pictures!

7 responses to “Winnipeg Subway: Part 1

  1. We need to think big in Winnipeg !

  2. I agree, pissinginthetent, that we need to think big. The next post will ask whether this particular “thinking big” is the right big thought. Stay tuned.

  3. I don’t know why you would need a subway when there are pleny of above ground rail lines that could likely be used. It would be cheaper, and the infrastructure is already there! I have little doubt that the Winnipeg taxpayer would balk at having to pay to have a subway constructed.

  4. Well, the cost is obviously a big issue. I haven’t seen a reasonable estimate of the cost of this system if built today, but I’m sure its more than an above-ground system….I’ll be posting a comment on the subway soon….

  5. And developing a new plan is really the responsibility of the City, not the general public.

    Maybe someone at one of our Universities can gather up enough dough to publish a paper or thesis or report for a new subway plan.

    But don’t expect one from Jim Jaworski, because, like you, I don’t have the engineering background that would make such a report credible.

  6. I agree, Jim, that neither you nor I would have the credible background for such a report.

    My contention is that your group should advocate for funding of a new study. You should put pressure on the city to study a subway and a light rail system to determine their costs and benefits. If (1) such a study were conducted impartially, considering all relevant factors; and (2) it showed that a subway was the best option; then I would certainly support it.

    TRU Winnipeg, as a group, has the right to petition their governments to study ideas or to fund independent studies.

  7. Hello Donaldstreet. Your links to are broken and I am unable to get the information about the proposed 1959 subway. I would have liked to use that information for a Toastmaster presentation. Anyway, each time I mention “subway” to transit officials and politicians, they respond with a multitude of excuses and arguments that are just plain ridiculous – any European would shake their head in disbelief and wonder what planet they came from. I wonder sometimes whether there is some sort of conspiracy at city hall and transit to prevent any plans for building a subway in Winnipeg. Of course we can build a subway. Do you have any printed material available, or can you point me to books, or reports on the proposed subway in the 1950’s? Maybe it’s time to create a new “Citizens for Light Metro Subway” advocacy group. Getting the information you listed in part II is not a problem.

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