Winnipeg: One great…er…

The Free Press has an article on the seach for a slogan to replace the classic “Winnipeg: One Great City”. Progressive Winnipeg suggests that we make a short-list of slogans for free, rather than hire a <grim tone>New York</grim> Ad Firm. Since only creative people read this blog, post your favorite new Winnipeg Slogan. There will be a prize to be anounced later.

Note: “Winnipeg: We Were Born Here, What’s Your Excuse?” is already taken.


UPDATE: The Freep’s Dan Lett gives us a new suggestion…Winnipeg: Enduringly Backward


5 responses to “Winnipeg: One great…er…

  1. And I’ll start it off…

    Winnipeg: We’re not Toronto.
    Winnipeg: One great big suburb

  2. Maybe I’m way off base here, but has anybody considered the option of no slogan?

    Especially if we end up with something pointless and generic like “One great city”, “The centre of it all”, or “City of opportunity” (Sam Katz’ moronic open-for-business suggestion), I think the whole process is a waste of time. It’s a lot like the PD location in the stadium debate – it shifted the whole question on the issue to “Where should it go?” from “Do we need a new stadium?”

    Barring a no-slogan solution, why not rip off the line from the Transformers. Not “Robots in disguise”, but rather “Winnipeg: More than meets the eye”.

  3. Thanks for stopping in Jonathan. You’re not the very same Jonathan from my classes, are you?

    I think that drawing our slogans from TV shows could work….let’s see….

    Winnipeg: Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

  4. Yes, I’m the very same.

    I like what you’re doing with this space, by the way.

  5. I think we should use the slogan that was on the sign on The Simpsons:

    “Winnipeg: We were born here, what is your excuse?”

    How about “Winnipeg – Where Sarcasm is King”

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