To Infinity And Beyond!

Checking the blog stats of Don Street has got me excited. On day 2 of the blog’s existence, I had 82 site visits and today has seen 198 site visits. So, that’s a growth rate of 141.46%!

If this continues, then tomorrow I’ll have 478 visitors, the next day 1154, the next 2787, and so on. In 15 days, I’ll have 198 X (1+1.4146)^15 = 109,505,330 visitors! 5 days after that, more visitors than human beings! The world will be mine!

Meme theory is something that facinates me, so that’s why I spoke about it in my first post. If I reach 100 people with my idea and they each reach another 100, and so on, then if my idea is a gooder, I’ll reach the whole province of Manitoba within two generations of idea passing.

Obviously this is a simplification. But the notion of exponential growth, and the Limits of Growth facinates me. Probably one of the topics that draws me to mathematics.

My future math students will think I’m such a nerd.

END-OF-DAY-UPDATE: God managed to make four things on Day 3 – Land, Sea, grass and fruit trees….interesting list. No blogs yet back then. On Day 3, Don Street ended the 24-hour day (which ends at 7pm?) with 259 site visits! That means a day-to-day growth rate of 215%! At this pace, I will have more page views than humans on Day 16. Take that, God!


3 responses to “To Infinity And Beyond!

  1. It was an honour knowing you the few days that you spent in this corporeal world before your exponential rise to Godhood . Give our best regards to Carl Sagan and Thomas Edison.

  2. David: It doesn’t seem to take much for me to get excited…a few extra hits and I’m on my way to ruling the universe!

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