The Core Strikes Back

Good article in the Free Press today on energy prices pushing downtown redevelopment. If the savings gained by “living on the edge” and mooching off the city while not paying your fair share for the roads and other services you use are eroded by gas prices, this can only be a good thing for the city of Winnipeg.

From Christopher Leo:

It’s a safe bet that most of the residents of Oak Bluff travel regularly up and down that nice stretch of highway, thoughtfully provided by Winnipeg taxpayers to make it easier for them to enjoy Winnipeg services while evading Winnipeg taxes. Similar situations prevail on all sides of the city, and in all directions access is being improved to municipalities with highly competitive cost structures, hungering to compete with Winnipeg for new development. Each time they succeed in attracting a development that might otherwise have been located in the city, Winnipeg becomes a little bit poorer.

In short, the city’s expenses are already out of control, and our decision-makers are bending every effort to drive them still farther out of control. How will we bring the cost of infrastructure development under control? Ask the decision-makers in City Hall, and they will tell you that the solution is public-private partnerships.

If the city finally gets around to not funding these ‘burbs and charges the non-residents a fair price, then combined with the increasing cost of (and possible peak-oil impossibility of) maintaining these “communities”, these sub- and ex-urbs are dead.

Moving to my neighbourhood, using cycling and public transportation….soon I will be mainstream!


7 responses to “The Core Strikes Back

  1. Hey Mike, the blog looks good! I’ll be a reader of yours.

  2. Hey Daniel,

    Good to have you stop by donaldstreet. Come by anytime.

  3. I completely disagree… I think Winnipeg should continue to expand outwards till it encompasses all of Canada and parts of the Northern-US. The sun will never set on Winnipeg…

  4. Karime: Very funny. Onward to glory! Let no farmer’s field be un-sprawled!

  5. Thanks, I’ll circle back.

    Thought you might like this blog:

    It’s by a Russian ex-patriot who lives in america, and writes about the energy situation in particular, and just our general North American lifestyle in general. Very grim, but really funny & unique insights.
    Best of luck on yours.

  6. That’s a great blog. Love the Questions for Economists bit.

    I think that the biggest shock to the economy from oil production shortages will not be economic but psychological. Having invested everything – dollar-wise and ego-wise – into infinite growth of sprawl, how will people cope with the collapse?

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