Deconstructing Density: Part 1

I’m constantly amazed by the plans to expand the city to infinity and beyond. Here is the list of positives associated with design that promotes density, according to the Ministry for the Environment in New Zealand:

“Urban design that promotes a higher density of buildings and public spaces (in conjunction with other conditions such as mixed use, good building design and adequate open space) can:

  • provide cost savings in land, infrastructure and energy
  • reduce the economic costs of time spent travelling
  • help concentrate knowledge and innovative activity in the core of the city
  • be associated with lower crime and greater safety
  • help preserve green spaces in conjunction with certain kinds of urban development
  • reduce runoff from vehicles to water, and emissions to the air and atmosphere (though air emissions may be more locally concentrated)
  • help encourage greater physical activity, with consequent health benefits
  • promote social connectedness and vitality.”

 Well, isn’t that special.

This stuff ain’t rocket science, but we seem to have lost sight of it in Winnipeg. That said, perhaps the city is dense enough already and is really running out of room, so we need to expand. We’ll examine this in Part Deux. (And they’ll be pictures!)


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