Flor More Years

Looks like my building is shifting into Wellington, thanks to the Bounderies Commission. Well, let’s look at the new constiuency…

Whereas Fort Rouge had a 63% turnout in 2007, Wellington candidates inspired 46.11% of their voters to show up. And, that was in the middle of a major headline generating Wellington controversy! The NDP (full disclosure – I have been an off-and-on member, though I’ve voted more often Green and Marijuana Party) not only fielded winner Flor Marcelino, but also managed to generate two (2!) independent candidates who ran against their own party! All the excitement drove people to the polls that year, with turnout up from 44.47% to 46.11%!!!

Look at the maps for old Wellington and new Wellington. Is it me or has this constituency dramatically changed? I’m wondering if we can’t change it further and add the rest of Broadway-Assiniboine and the Exchange District and finally have an urban, Downtown jurisdiction?


2 responses to “Flor More Years

  1. Welcome to the neighbourhood!

    Your suggestion that we have an urban downtown constituency is a good one. It seems that every redistribution finds the downtown broken up and parceled out into two or three different constituencies. I think it would be powerful to have a single and exclusively downtown MLA.

  2. Welcome to Donald Street, PT!

    I agree that the downtown MLA would do a lot to promote our hood. With the exchange district parcelled out to Point Douglas, half of Broadway-Assiniboine in Fort Rouge, and Spence split into three parts, its hard to have a solid downtown voice. Has anyone actually living in downtown been elected in recent years?

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