Hello world!

Me and the Mrs. in our Donald Street apartment
Me and the Mrs. in our Donald Street apartment.   Credit: Rob McLeary Incorporated.

Since eveyone else is adding their two cents to the blogosphere, I figured it was time I started.

Memes are something that facinate me and the internet is accellerating the whole idea of memetic reproduction. If I have a good idea, or Meme X, and one person agrees with it and places it on their blog, then 2 people are now proclaiming Meme X. Then, should these 2 blog posts now generate another post each, there are 4 people in the world posting about Meme X, albeit in slightly different versions.

As each generation progresses, we have 8 copies of Meme X, then 16, then 32, 64, 128 etc. While it doesn’t seem to be reaching too many people, by the 33rd generation, we have reached a population of 8.6 billion copies of Meme X. If it takes one hour (a lifetime online) to double the population of Meme X, then a day and a half after a brilliant idea is written, it can reach the planet. Since every meme reproduces exponentially, there is a set period for doubling. So, the better the idea is at self-reproduction, the faster it can impact the world.

The blog world is the ideal incubator of memes. An idea doesn’t die off very easily online and can remain dormant for a time before the right environmental conditions exist for reproduction. Into such a dynamic, powerful medium do I now enter.

A little about me: I’m a 28-year-old student-teacher of high school math, Japanese, and EAL. I’ve lived on three continents, been accross Canada and around the world, led a Habitat for Humanity team to Borneo, biked accross France and crossed the Pyranees, taught for three years in Japan, been a student in Paris, but I keep coming back to Winnipeg! So, from my apartment on Donald Street I bring you my thoughts on Winnipeg, urban renewal or lack their of, public transportation, pedagogy, mathematics, politics, ecology, the War on Terra, vegetarianism, and anything else I think of.

Let the blogging begin!


2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Hi Mike. As your neighbour and friend down the street, I look forward to reading your blog.

    To get the comments started off in a nice tangental direction, I think I should get some credit as the photographer of that lovely picture of you and Mel that you have posted on your blog.

  2. Done

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